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Move in & Move out - when you are moving out or ready to move in+ and need assistance cleaning up this is a great service to get the job done for you (picking belongings up or putting things in place).

Dust N Time House Cleaning does professional home cleaning in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding area. We are a premier residential cleaning company that has many years of experience in the cleaning industry. Dust N Time House Cleaning is licensed, insured, and bonded. We are committed to putting the satisfaction of our customers first, and that shows in the way we interact with our customers and the quality of care that we take. Our employees are a reflection of Dust N Time House Cleaning, and we act accordingly.

Our staff members visit with our customers to create and execute specific customized cleaning lists that fit each unique individual and situation. This lets the customer know exactly what is being accomplished every time we come, and it makes Dust N Time House Cleaning more efficient. We know exactly what needs to be done and the most efficient way to do it.

Besides house cleaning, we also offer residential maid service. We do all cleaning and dusting with environmentally safe products. Most cleaning products include phosphorous, which causes nutrient loading in waterways. We are proud to offer phosphate-free cleaning supplies.

We also know that allergens in the home are a concern for home occupants. It does no good to get the dust and dirt up if you are allergic to the cleaning fumes. Our cleaners are allergen-free, and you can always come to us with a problem.

For indoor cleaning, schedule an appointment today with Dust N Time House Cleaning. We look forward to your call.